Paper Discovery

Every day attorneys and legal teams have complicated litigation supports needs. Whether you need an exact copy of a box of files or a dozen contracts imaged or OCR images, you need a company that can help you capture, access, and control your documents. Cornerstone understands the document requirements of the legal system and offers complete legal document management assistance and practice support including traditional digital reprographics, imaging & coding, and high speed blow-backs.

  • Document Copying – heavy litigation copying to exhibit notebooks by litigation experienced operators. B&W and color copying available.
  • Document Imaging – utilizing virtual scan software and litigation experienced operators to produce quality images.
  • Trial Exhibits & Time Line Creation – mounted large format prints and high resolution scans for courtroom presentations.
  • Oversize Scanning & Copying – high resolutions scans and copies of oversize documents.
  • High Speed Blow-backs – Print images to paper, with or without document breaks (slip-sheets) or staples.
  • Electronic Bates Stamping – including custom message stamping of images.
  • X-ray Duplication – fast, in house x-ray production.
  • OCR – optical character recognition that creates searchable text files


Imaging & Coding

Document Coding/Indexing custom coding to frill bibliographic.

OCR optical character recognition that creates searchable text files for database review.

Customer Database Load File Creation load files created to your approved specifications including Concordance, CSV, ASCII, DB/Text,

Doculex, Introspect, IPRO, Relativity, Ringtail, Summation, EDRM XML. Creation of DOJ and SEC load files.

Onsite Scanning bringing scanning directly to your document collections.

Custom PDF Files auto loading CD creation for closing binders or exhibit notebooks with custom hyperlinks and bookmarks.

Audio & Video Duplication & Digitization create electronic files of VHS and audio tapes.



LDD – In the LDD process, the TIFF images are logically grouped into documents with the relevant attachment ranges. In this process, we also identify the appropriate and relevant ‘document type’ nature of each document.

LDD QC – LDD completed batches are QC’d and corrected (100%) by very experienced and a specific team in-charge of the quality control. Based on their findings of the errors noted, coder-specific feedback is also given at the end of the shift.

Uploading for Coding – Once the LDD QC process is completed, the images are merged together for each relevant document. These images are uploaded for the second stage for indexing.



The operators will do bibliographic coding from the images based on the project-specific rules and the coding manual.

Index QC – All the documents are checked (100%) by a separate team of people in-charge of the quality control function. Based on their findings of the errors noted, coder-specific feedback is also given at the end of the shift.

Quality Assurance – The final output by the production team is sampled by a separate team of Quality Analysts to ensure that the output meets and surpasses the requirements of the client. This is done by well-defined sampling methodologies and effective feedback system. The team also ensures that each and every update has reached the floor through weekly written tests, on the basis of which they are rated and their placement on the project(s) is decided thereon.