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Reduces costs 50% or more

Disco costs far less than competing software products. There are no separate costs for processing or extra costs for add-on services



Unmatched Speed

Complete reviews and find evidence faster, so you can focus on practicing law instead of waiting on slow software.



Familiar Westlaw- or Lexis-style search

Any lawyer familiar with Westlaw- or Lexis-style search can find evidence in Disco—no training required.



Complete ediscovery
from your desk

You can do everything right from your desktop with an Internet connection. No more sending projects off to litigation support or a vendor, waiting for results (and mistakes).

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All-in-one, simplified process

Disco gives you one screen for search, one for review, and one for production. Everything you need is right in front of you and easy to find.


All productions are stored and searchable

All productions are stored in Disco under “Produce” so you can download the complete production, including an automatically generated index, any time.


Consistent look and feel across all projects

Once you learn Disco for one matter, you’ve learned Disco for all matters, and it quickly becomes second nature.



No software installation, desktop or hardware expense

No need to spend money to buy and maintain software and hardware.


Cornerstone offers a flat-fee eDiscovery software with a relentless focus on speed and ease of use. It is a feature-complete platform for the processing, review, analysis, and production steps of the EDRM. Our platform is a web-based software that can be used in any modern web browser, including the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, as well as on mobile devices, including the iPad and other tablets. Try a demo with the complete Enron database at

Cornerstone hosts all data in data centers in Austin and Kansas City with NEBS Level 3 physical security and SSAE No. 16 SOC 1 certified electronic security. Cornerstone can also host offshore data in Ireland or Hong Kong. No additional hardware or software, and no integration with existing systems, is required.

Self Guided Demo

This self guided tour of the Disco review platform will show you it's speed and ease of use.